Smokable Herbs

Love Blend Stuff and Puff Wild Lettuce
Love BlendStuff and PuffWild Lettuce
100% Damiana, a popular aphrodisiac. May be used in a tea smoked or both!The alkaloids contained within damiana stimulate blood flow to the genital area thereby increasing sensitivity; some even people report feelings of euphoria. It has also...This is an enhanced version of our Super smoking blend. It is enhanced with a very concentrated tincture of our Super blend, sprayed and let dry, sprayed and let dry. Red Poppy is added to the tincture for an extra added bonus. Still natural...Wild Lettuce can be used Capsules, teas, tinctures. Fresh green leaves are sometimes added to salads. 1 Ounce bag
Super Legal Smoke Blend
Super Legal Smoke Blend
Produces a mild smoke like effect.