African Black Soap

Healing Natural Black Soap Take a natural African approach to keeping your skin clean and healthy This black soap is soft, organically shaped, delicately textured and exudes a natural, earthy smell. It's ideal for cleaning your hands, face and body, and it can even be lathered up and used as a shampoo. Its gentle natural ingredients make it effective for people with damaged or sensitive skin. Hand made in Ghana, with Roasted cocoa (Chocolate) Pods, Plantain Skin, Ash, Palm Oil, Water. Normal shelf life is 24 months.
African Black Soap Bulk Black Soap Liquid Africian Black Soap
African Black Soap Bulk Black SoapLiquid Africian Black Soap
100% Natural African Black Soap. No dyes, perfumes or chemicals. Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial naturally.Same soap as you get in the jar, same properties just not in a jar. Save $!Natural Creamy Liquid African Black Soap. No animal fats, chemicals or artifical colors. This wonderful liquid soap comes ready to use. Dispense small amount on wash cloth or bath sponge. Work into a creamy lather...
Benefits of black soap: - Natural black soaps help deep clean skin. - Black soap works on most skin types including rough and dry or sensitive skin. - Help clear skin bumps and spots by using black soap daily. - Helps relieve acne, oily skin and other skin problems. - Black soap is also great for removing makeup. - Black soap benefits against premature facial lines and wrinkles. - Black soap can also be lathered and used as an effective shampoo.